Daily food:
1-2 Different Fruits 4-6 Vegies 1 Protein – palm sized 1 starch/carbohydrate think Quinoa rather than Flour At least 2 green leafy veggies Nuts, seeds- go on try some ‘weird foods’ J 50-60% raw/lightly cooked 1.5-2 litres of filtered water per day + 1litre every hour of exercise Eat what you can get from the farmers market – try to stay away from packages, tins, plastic containers and processed foods.

Tips for Healthy Eating:

  • No fried or heated oils
  • Eat when hungry only
  • Do not eat beyond needs – feeling full
  • Thoroughly chew your food
  • Eat calmly and slowly- not in heated argument or watching t.v or being distracted.
  • Miss meals if in pain, emotional, not hungry or ill – have an anti-inflammatory day
  • Limit bread intake
  • 80% alkaline (fruit/veg), 20% acid (grains) foods
  • Eat a good variety of foods
  • Separate starches/carbohydrates and proteins
  • Lemon squeeze water ½ hour before breaky
  • Reduce sugar, salt and refined carbohydrates
  • Reduce animal and vegetable fats
  • Increase veggies, especially green leafy ones
  • Increase fibre intake
  • Reduce alcohol
  • Increase fresh foods, in season – farmers markets organic if possible
  • Balance of protein rich foods (not just animal sources)
  • Avoid being overweight by decreasing fatty foods, and refined carbohydrates

Other stuff

  • Regular exercise physical and mental – set up your calendar like you would schedule in a work meeting
  • Set goals, and follow them –use your calendar – set up time to work on your goals.
  • Be accountable and responsible. Remember to think of both sides of a situation and find the positive in a negative situation and a negative in a positive situation to create balance.
  • Keep tidy and organised- think ahead and plan J
  • Don’t smoke or do drugs
  • Take prescription only drugs, only when necessary
  • Maintain wide range of activities
  • Be mindful of what you are doing, saying, thinking and feeling. What impact does it have on you, the people around you-the world?
  • Speak to your Naturopath to ensure any supplements you are on or considering taking are the right ones for you
  • ENJOY ALL AREAS OF YOU LIFE – even the perceived ‘bad’ bits. These are here to teach you and help you grow.
  • 30-45min before bed, relax, turn off gadgets, get in the dark, relax into your sleep – you can’t sleep fast!
  • Consider a Salt lamp in your bedroom
  • Write in a journal at night what lessons you learnt today. What you did well what could have been better and find what you are grateful for that you perceived was a ‘bad’ or negative thing that happened today.
  • Be kind to yourself. You are a work in progress Perfectly imperfect and imperfectly perfect ????

If you need help setting up any or all aspects of your life, simply contact us for a complimentary wellness coaching session we would love to help you – it’s what we do!