Switch Off to Switch On

Gadgets are GREAT!!

But at what cost?

Watch one of my favourite videos

That video is a lovely way to put how I feel sometimes so I wanted to share my thoughts with you. Time is one thing you can take that you can’t get nor give back. I often ask myself, ‘Are you wasting your time or someone else’s?’

Am I being present? I mean really focused on what I am doing or am I doing so many things at once and getting distracted? Jack of all trades -master of none? Am I constantly on my ipad, iphone, email, facebook? What about when you are with someone and doing something else? Are you ever on your phone or email or computer while talking to someone face to face? Am I getting and giving more ‘likes’ than ‘love’?

JUST BE AWARE…. Ever watch anyone run into anything while they are walking? A pole, a person or a bike perhaps? I see it all the time when riding. People wandering around with their heads down and wonder why they are almost hit. Yes I know bikes can be crazy too but it’s the PEOPLE not the BIKES. People who ride like lunatics, drive their cars like that and become those pedestrians who get distracted by their gadgets too. They just aren’t aware of their surroundings nor other people. Ever had a door slam in your face- literally? Bet you have done that to someone too. Not been aware that someone was right behind you and you could have held the door open for them?

I enjoy being busy, but that doesn’t mean doing 100 things at once all the time! I enjoy taking the time to look up, notice things in the world, not just my phone. My world is around me and within me- not inside a gadget. I like doing several things at once but am I costing myself a relationship with others or an event I am attending? Missing out on physically experiencing life? Am I ever getting anything done or am I just getting many things started – fingers in all the pies? I tend to forget where I am at with everything and that then takes MORE time to stop, focus and say oh yes, that’s what I was doing. AND, was that the most important thing I was supposed to be doing or was I distracted by some bright shiny gadget? Otherwise known as procrastination! Before I know it I can’t keep up with myself, I don’t know what my priorities are and I am anxious, stressed and chasing my tail –Sound familiar?

So, what’s the solution?

Switch off to switch on