Chantelle’s Testimonials

Gastrointestinal Health

I first came across Chantelle 18 months ago after my health had been slowly declining over the last couple of years. At this point I was getting frustrated, getting nowhere with other medical and health professionals. I decided to try natural medicine. I heard Chantelle specialised in digestive issues and booked myself a consultation with her.

I was experiencing gastro intestinal problems, multiple food intolerances, fatigue, weight loss, muscle weakness, joint pain, sleeping difficulties and anxiety.

Chantelle diagnosed my issues through diagnostic testing and put me on a path to heal my gut.
Chantelle is exceptionally knowledgeable about health and always takes the time to explain results from testing, what was going on in my body and how we could resolve it.

She is very passionate about helping people gain better health, always taking the time to reply to my many questions by email. What I have learned from our consultations has been invaluable.

I am so happy that my health is getting back on track, all my symptoms have decreased and I have energy again. I had forgotten what that felt like! I am very grateful for Chantelle’s knowledge, help and guidance. Thank you Chantelle


Weight loss

I have been attending the Melbourne Natural Medical Clinic for a few years. Recently after some significant life events I once again consulted the clinic and have been seeing Chantelle on a regular basis. After some dietary and lifestyle changes suggested to me by Chantelle, I have lost weight, have more energy and am feeling more relaxed and have started to enjoy life again. The products recommended were tasty and easy to manage during busy work weeks. I definitely recommend this lifestyle change to anyone.