Emma’s Testimonials

Digestive Disorders

I came across the clinic after doing some research as conventional medicine hasn’t been able to help me. I chose the clinic because of the clinical naturopaths and for the whole of my life I have had issues with my stomach. Some foods I used to eat made me bloated, uncomfortable, tired and generally unhappy. So I was constantly nervous about what I was putting in my mouth and felt like there was just nothing that was ever going to change how I felt. Before seeing Emma I spent a lot of time and money trying everything from breath testing to super strict diets, so I was dubious at first simply because I didn’t want to waste anymore money. However by the end of my first session with Emma I knew I had made the right decision. Not only is Emma incredibly personal and caring she has an incredible amount of knowledge on digestion. We set about having tests done and putting together a plan to get me back to optimum health. I can now say that life is totally different. The hard work Emma put into improving my issues has totally paid off and I am feeling amazing! Thank you Emma! I would absolutely recommend the clinic based on my experience with Emma over the last 10 months, a life changing experience.


Reoccurring Health Complaints

From the outset, Emma has shown a thorough interest and understanding of my health goals and has supported me to identify practical solutions. Emma is approachable, professional and caring.

I booked in to see Emma as I’d been suffering an ongoing health problem. To manage my complaint doctors seemed to be giving me multiple prescriptions of antibiotics. My energy levels were low and I had tried so many other things to feel well. I knew taking antibiotics was not good long term and I was determined to find the underlying cause to my health problem. Through an initial consultation using a detailed health assessment, a series of regular visits and some natural herbs and diet changes, I am pleased to say I haven’t had my reoccurring health problem in close to a year now – something I’d suffered with on and off beforehand for over two years! Emma also educates me on wider health and wellbeing techniques and is always happy to share recipes and health tips. She gives advice that suits me personally – not a standard approach and she is able to do this because she has shown a real interest in my needs and lifestyle.

I’ve referred Emma and the practice to many of my friends and family. Everyone at the clinic is so happy and helpful. I have truly never felt better knowing more about my body, health and nutrition. Emma and the team have really helped me take a holistic view.

Now I only visit now again when things crop up. Recently for some reason I wasn’t sleeping properly. Within a few visits Emma helped identify possible reasons and solutions and now I’m back on track. I’ve learned not to take my health for granted and listening to my body has meant I can respond more quickly. Thank you Emma and the team for all of your help.


Thyroid Disorder

Emma completely changed my world. I went to see her about getting my underactive thyroid in order, with the particular emphasis on wanting to get pregnant and ensuring i was in the best possible health. Before seeing Emma, hysically i was really tired and lethargic and mentally, i was quite concerned about whether i could conceive and if so, the concerns of having an underactive thyroid during this time.

Emma’s consults were really relaxed and i felt like i could have stayed and chatted all day. She really empowered and educated me on my own health and gave me some good tools (supplements, education, well being ideas) to go about weaving my way through improving my health and taking charge.

The treatment Emma gave me not only helped with managing my thyroid, but my partner and i now have a 6 month old healthy bouncing baby boy called Jasper.

I have since recommended a number of friends to see Emma, of which they too say how great she and her treatment is. I have ultimately say, i don’t think we would have been able to have a baby so soon, without Emma’s help. We are forever grateful to Emma.

Jodie Kane