Lina’s Testimonials

Children’s Health

I just wanted to say thanks so much Lina for getting James back on track. From being a sick little boy who always had to miss out on school, parties and sports activities, he is now a healthy and active child participating in everything and leading a normal lifestyle. He had a wonderful athletics season without being ill and ended up state champion in the 100m which would not have happened if he had been unwell, so he is a happy boy. Your calm and confident approach as to what he should and shouldn’t be eating was re-assuring and the supplements certainly seemed to help in repairing his system. He has not been sick since cutting out gluten and dairy and has adjusted so well to this that it is not a problem at all. I’m fact, we have all adapted our diets a bit for the better!” Thanks again Lina


Before going to see Lina I was struck down with a bad case of candida that caused me overwhelming tiredness, fatigue and brain fog, which greatly affected my studies in my last year of university. After ongoing visits with Lina I was able to regain my health and vitality by following her diet plans and herbal regimes and are now benefiting from a renewed sense of health. I have just recently returned to university and noticed a dramatic difference in my concentration, focus and health. I thank Lina for her help through this journey.

Regards Adrian L

Weight Loss

Recently I finished an intense 12 week package with Nutritionist and Naturopath, Lina Capovilla. I can honestly say that it has changed my life; I lost 13kg in just over 12 weeks! After years of struggling with my weight and low self-esteem I have managed to break life long habits and with Lina’s help understand what works for me. With Lina’s advice and guidance I have been able to plan my meals, keep a track of what I’m eating, try new recipes and substitute food so I don’t feel like I’m missing out! Lina is so caring and supportive; she is able to connect with you on such a personal level. She looks at you as a whole person and takes everything into consideration when addressing your nutritional needs! My weekly visits were key to me to sticking the program. This approach had been the key for me. Lina has unlocked a part of me that had been shut for many years, a belief in myself that I can do this and these changes are just the beginning of leading the life I want and achieving the things I dream of. I cannot stop now, I am ready to do another 12 weeks so I can lose another 13kg! Nothing can stop me now! Thank-you Lina


Leaky Gut

I first met Lina in October 2013 with a range of different ailments – digestive issues, hives, sweats, general abdominal and intestinal pains, headaches, dehydration, trouble sleeping – the list seemed endless. I had previously spent several years unsuccessfully trying to cure these issues with the assistance of traditional medicine (e.g. gastroenterologists). Lina’s diagnosis approach was methodical, which was important given the number of issues faced. Through a series of tests and trials, my issues seem to be caused by candida and/or leaky gut syndrome, which had lead to various allergies and other reactions. Lina helped treat the issues at the root cause rather than just their symptoms, and I am very happy to say that in only a few short months we are well and truly over these issues, with all of the symptoms clearing up and not returning. My body feels so much stronger and healthier in all regards, the difference is quite amazing! I would absolutely recommend Lina if you are suffering from any of the types of symptoms that I had experienced.

Health Analysis

After suffering from all kinds of health issues for over a decade with no definite answers, I had become resigned to the fact that I would have to be my own doctor because no practitioners I had seen in the past could provide any definite cures. I had initially arrived at MNMC with the intention of having some diagnostic testing done and analyse the results myself. However, after my first initial consultation with Naturopath, Lina Capovilla, my attitude completely changed. I was overwhelmed by Lina’s warm and generous spirit; never has a practitioner shown so much genuine enthusiasm and gusto in wanting to help me find good health again. The sheer joy and thrill in Lina every time I tell her how a particular health issue of mine has improved greatly – is incredibly heart-warming. It is so comforting to know that someone you’re entrusting your health to -is knowledgeable, reliable and willing to go to the extra length to help you. Thank you Lina, you are such a wonderful person and you inspire me to do great things with my now much improved health.

Michelle – Moonee Ponds