At Melbourne Natural Medicine, we can provide thyroid tests that assess the functioning of your thyroid gland. This typically involves taking one or more blood samples, which are then studied closely in a laboratory. We can then identify whether your thyroid is over-performing or under-performing, allowing us to formulate tailored treatments to correct the problem.

The Importance of Thyroid Testing

Located in the lower-front section of the neck, the thyroid glands are responsible for regulating numerous bodily functions and metabolic processes. Over-performing or under-performing thyroid glands can cause health problems of varying severity, including mood and weight fluctuations. Thyroid tests are important for ensuring that the gland is functioning optimally.

Under-performing thyroid glands fail to produce sufficient hormones, which can cause symptoms such as unexplained weight gain and lack of energy. Contrariwise, over-performing thyroid glands can produce excess hormones and increase your metabolic processes, causing unexplained weight loss and high levels of anxiety as well as tremors and other symptoms.

Test Your Thyroid Today

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