The thyroid gland regulates various metabolic and hormonal processes, but approximately one in twenty people experience thyroid complications during their lifetime, including underactivity or overactivity. At Melbourne Natural Medicine clinic, we can provide natural thyroid treatments in Melbourne for patients who want their thyroid functioning optimally and consistently.
Thyroid-Hashimoto's Treatments Melbourne


Symptoms of thyroid complications will vary depending on the amount of hormones the gland is producing. An overactive thyroid may cause muscle weakness and elevated heart rate as well as excessive sweating and weight loss, while an underactive thyroid may cause low temperature intolerance, excessive tiredness, low moods and weight gain.


At Melbourne Natural Medicine clinic, we offer natural options for people who want thyroid treatments in Melbourne. We can conduct assessments that determine the activity of your thyroid gland, allowing us to formulate treatments that are tailored to your specific needs. Our goal is to regulate the activity of your thyroid and achieve a healthy balance.

For overactive thyroid glands, we can recommend traditional calming herbs that may slow down the production of hormones and alleviate symptoms. For underactive thyroid glands, we can prescribe a combination of herbs and nutrients to improve blood circulation, manage symptoms restore and maintain balance for optimal health. We can additionally provide Hashimoto’s treatments in Melbourne.


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