The toughest thing I have ever shared.

Let me share with you a little story about me. A warning, some may struggle reading this… When I was a small child, up until I became a teenager, my Grandfather would piggy back me upstairs and put me to bed. He would sometimes read me a story, sometimes tickle my back. Most of the time he ‘tickled’ my front and in a way I didn’t want to be ‘tickled’. I was carrying this hatred of my Grandfather and a feeling of ‘how could you do that to me’ for around for many many years. I was carrying a burden of lying to my parents. I was distrusting of people, cautious, and would secretly eat. I was afraid to approach people, I had an angry streak, I stole from my teacher and my family, I was scared to death of what people thought of me and didn’t know who I could trust. A year ago, I was asked this question…”JC, are you open to finding out what’s holding you back and how to be the person you want to be-to get everything you want in life?” I was open to finding out everything and anything about myself. I do consider myself an open person, well I surely don’t want to be closed! And I don’t want to miss out or regret not doing something before I have even given it a chance! When I said yes, I’m open, my life completely turned around. So I put this to you right now, are you open? If you are open to learning something about yourself that you didn’t know,. If you are open to finding out how to get something you want or getting rid of something you don’t want, then Go Here Now.