Why are some of us constantly sick and some of us have fluid retention?

Lymphatic Drainage Specialist Christine Connell explains If you are constantly sick, lethargic or feel like your body is holding excess fluid then your lymphatic system may have stopped working properly. Your Lymphatic system is an important key to restoring a healthy body and can be thought of as your toxin disposal system.

Your lymphatic system protects your body from disease and can become sluggish. When the lymphatic system is flowing freely everything is fine. When it backs up, however, there’s trouble. Not only are the building, repair and waste disposal systems affected by a disruption, the body’s defenses against foreign substances are also impaired.

In addition to filtering out toxic materials, the lymph nodes also produce substances which fight off invading viruses and bacteria and destroy abnormal cells that developed within the body, as well as being part of the body’s plumbing and repair system, the lymphatic’s are an essential part of our immune system.

Some factors that can influence the lymphatic system negatively are:

  • Overwork: lack of rest periods
  • Sedentariness: lack of healthy exercise to promote circulation
  • Processed foods: lack of fresh foods
  • Chronic depression
  • Toxic chemical-based pollutants
  • Negative Energy, attitudes and behaviours

You can help to detox your lymphatic system by having a lymphatic drainage massage. This highly beneficial, health-enhancing massage uses techniques which naturally stimulate the functioning of the lymphatic system. Hand manoeuvres are gentle, specific and non-invasive. It is stimulating the functioning of the immune system, and venous system and is extremely relaxing