If you want change, you have to make changes

Plan for change, then it’s easy.

Ask yourself-Are you living your life the healthiest, fittest way possible? Being truly well? Or could you be a tiny little bit more proactive on your quest to achieving Ultimate Wellness? Whichever category you are in, you will need information and assistance to achieve it. This is why I had the vision for Melbourne Natural Medicine over 17 years ago. Everything you need in one place to assist people like us to achieve their vision for their own ultimate wellness lifestyle.

It doesn’t mean giving up on everything you enjoy in life either!

Guess what? I enjoy going out to dinner, having a glass of wine, eating some lovely good quality chocolate, being lazy, and hiding under a blanket watching a movie at home while eating popcorn. I do my best. I do over do it sometimes and eat too much and stress out, put too much pressure on myself and don’t see my team of practitioners. But I can tell you this… I notice this, and this is RARE, and I usually feel like shit afterwards. Yes, my name is Jodie Coall and I own a Natural Health Clinic and Studio and even I am human sometimes. I guess it’s about that old word- balance. My personality type is busy/lazy. I love to have loads of ‘stuff’ going on, then, I just have one of those days that I sit under a tree in the sun reading and napping. I love both sides.

It’s the old 80/20 Rule

So to keep my balance, I foster the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time I stick to a wellness model and 20% I let myself not stress about it or beat myself up about it if I indulge too much or go off track. Like at weddings or birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. (It’s probably more like 95/5 but an 80/20 will do for a start)

For me now, at almost 38, I play sport -hockey and touch rugby. I participate in 5km fun runs and the odd triathlon and adventure obstacle course challenges. I do boxing, and cycle classes – mix it up at the gym with the occasional personal training session and do Pilates and Yoga.

But fitness is not just about exercise. Life fit is about mind fit & body fit. I know what works for me because I give it a red hot go to find out. Not jump from one thing to the next. I have done extensive testing on myself both medically and physically, oh and emotionally. I know me. I spend a lot of time studying myself.

Don’t get the wrong idea here, I don’t sit all day in the mirror examining and talking to myself. I know my values, I know my sleeping habits, I know my strengths and more so I know my weaknesses. I know when I am getting sick, I know when I am emotional and stop to check these things out. I am an observer and I am a detective. Except I know shit before it hits the fan! I am prepared. I also know life will surprise me so I am prepared for that too!

I have goals and visions and feel that goals are just dreams with a timeline. I also write them down and tell someone about them. What? tell people? Why?

Did you know …. In 2008, Dr Gail Mathews of the University of California recruited 267 people from a wide range of professions, not for profit, lawyers, marketers, accountants and from a variety of countries. Those who wrote their goals were 39.5% more likely to achieve them. One step further those who sent progress reports to their accountability buddy were 76.7% more likely to achieve them than those who just wrote their goals.

( I don’t know about you, but I want to give myself as higher chance as possible to actually achieve my goals! If you would like a copy of my goals template or how to work out what you value I’d love to share it with you, just email me jodie@mnwc.com.au )

I am inspired and love seeing others inspire too. I help the world where I can. I also eat mainly organic veg and lean protein as my staple diet. This is because I have done a DNA profile and a lot of testing using myself as a guinea pig, I know what my body and mind respond well to and what it doesn’t.

I try as best I can to be environmentally friendly. I work on my mindset and my subconscious beliefs to ensure I am getting the best outcome for all where possible. I spend time with friends and family, really connecting with them and love nothing more than a random deep and meaningful conversation! I relax and take time out to recharge my batteries and really listen to my body. There are so many warnings signs or burn our or illness coming on that we ignore but I have learnt over the years to stop and listen!

I also see practitioners for guidance! I am not an expert in everything, so I need help to maintain Ultimate Wellness. I have a Naturopath, Massage Therapist and Subconscious / Human Behaviour Coach – so I can learn more about my beliefs, my personality and how to communicate better with others. This is weekly – fortnightly. Then my Osteopath or Chiropractor, Acupuncturist approximately 6 weekly, Kinesiology, Facial, Skin Maintenance, Lymphatic Drainage, Ear Candle – all these when needed or about every 3 months.

Achieving what I call “Ultimate Wellness”, or living your life to its greatest potential means being authentic. What are you doing to live your life the best way possible, and what are you doing to sabotage yourself?

None of us can really expect a magic cure all pill to make us all look and feel the way we want to. It means we have to make changes to see changes to our health, fitness, mindset, attitude and relationships. That’s the aim for Ultimate Wellness- achieving balance.