What do you think wellness is?

I can tell you what I think it is and why I live the life I live and you may get a shock- so be careful when you read on….

For me, I was always reasonably healthy and fit growing up -but a bit overweight, whole family was. I joined my first gym when I was 19 as my boyfriend at the time had wandering eyes and I knew in my young mind I had to be a better competitor! These days, I do it for myself. That, and the fact that I knew I was eating my way to obesity. I was also angry a fair amount of time and comparing myself to others a lot and not knowing how to change.

So, a vision was born out of frustration I guess. WELLNESS! Not just mine but for others as well. Creating Melbourne Natural Wellness meant that you could go to one place to get all the help you needed-everything. A one stop shop.

I had a lazy streak too, so I had to make sure this was easy for me so it would also be easy for others. A place where we were not only treating symptoms- in a natural way, as you would for example, go to the Dr and get a prescription and go on your way. But get to the bottom of your overall wellness questions and concerns. Finding the causes helps us to help you correct these concerns, where possible, and not only help you achieve wellness but maintain it for life. I will repeat that bit, MAINTAINING WELLNESS FOR LIFE. This, in turn, is also preventative care. So you don’t get to that stage of feeling unwell if we can help it!

A client who called to cancel her appointment because she was too busy and felt like sh*t she told me, actually ended up coming in as she knew she couldn’t function at work without some help. After she left, she said she did in fact feel better sooner. She said,” Oh, I forgot coming in to see you guys -it’s just like going to a Doctor when you are sick.”

Well, she had it half right. This particular client comes in to maintain her wellness so she continues to feel good. Most people have the mindset that is the other way around. When they are feeling ill and have had enough; they come to see us for help to get themselves back on track, but they often forget it’s about maintaining that state of Wellness too.

I like to compare wellness to an analogy of your car. You don’t put petrol in it once, wash it once, service it once and it stays as new. In fact, without regular care, it will cease to function altogether. Unfortunately, we are different- you can buy a new car, but you can’t buy a new body.