What is Detoxing?

Cleansing the body from poisons and toxins that may have accumulated in the colon, lymph, lungs, gallbladder, skin, blood, kidneys and liver. It gives our bodies to the chance to clear of these toxins thus rendering them more effective in doing their job in the future. These toxins usually derive from foods, beverages, alcohol, smoking, drugs and stress, and when in excess can leave a person feeling tired, sick, low self esteem and lack of confidence and over or even under weight.

Simply think of it as ‘weed, seed and feed’-planning a garden of healthy flowering plants, healthy trees and shrubs and herbs. You need to clear the ground, weed it, then plan the seeds, water them and feed them so they grow the best they can. Detoxing is lessening the burden on the organs by reducing the body’s exposure to pollutions and toxins for s set period of time.