What’s the Difference between Physio and Myotherapy?

Although they share many similarities, there are also fundamental points of difference between physiotherapists and myotherapists. While there’s very little difference in terms of the tools and techniques they employ to treat various issues, the way they implement those tools and techniques can differentiate them significantly. This blog post contains additional information about the differences between these two treatments, as well as the physiotherapy and myotherapy North Melbourne patients can expect at MNW. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about the best myotherapist Melbourne has available for your needs.


Like physiotherapists, myotherapists use various forms of manual therapy to alleviate pain and discomfort. Unlike physiotherapists, however, they principally provide remedial massage therapies which typically don’t require the patient or client to actively participate during the session. The best myotherapists Melbourne patients also study ultrasound and dry needling like physiotherapists, but they typically complete many more hours of study when it comes to dry needling. The sessions of myotherapy Melbourne Natural Wellness provide may also involve exercises and stretches, but these are usually secondary to massage.


Physiotherapy is a form of manual therapy that uses similar assessment and treatment techniques to clinical myotherapy but is typically less hands-on. Physiotherapists have specialist training in rehabilitation, so they’re well suited to severe injuries or conditions where surgery has been necessary, such as knee or shoulder surgery. Like myotherapy, physiotherapy can also assist with pain and restricted movement, although myotherapy is recommended for those looking for a more hands-on treatment. Physiotherapists may also recommend exercises and stretches for patients to undertake at home or when visiting the gym.

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Despite the differences between physiotherapy and myotherapy North Melbourne, both are concerned with treating the same pain and discomfort that patients experience.

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